The Disaster Recovery service is designed for organizations that manage an email server in-house and want an “email insurance policy” to ensure that if the mail server goes down for any reason they will not lose email.

Disaster Recovery for email servers is available as an add-on to our premium anti-spam service and provides email communications continuity, access and backup in the event of planned or unplanned outages via fully-managed services that offers easy administration and use.

Disaster Recovery offers two levels of email management:

Message Continuity powered by MX Logic is a comprehensive solution that enables email access and use while providing backup of all corporate email traffic during planned or unplanned email environment outages. The solution also provides recovery capabilities to intelligently update the primary email environment after normal email services have been restored.

Fail Safe Service powered by MX Logic is a storage-only solution that begins spooling incoming messages after email server connectivity is dropped due to an outage or maintenance