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Effective antivirus solution is the need of every business small or big. At Cyberspace, we offer a robust as well as affordable email antivirus solution for a varied range of businesses to protect your incoming and outgoing emails. You need not spend time managing it yourself; devote your time in your core business activities.

Our effective anti-virus solution is market front-runner. At Cyberspace, we ensure that your email messaging is foolproof from virus of any kind.

Anti Virus Solutions

Security and safeguarding features of email server to protect your e-messaging from viruses:

Kaspersky Antivirus Engine-Effective Antivirus protection from Kaspersky Labs comes by combining the prevalent antivirus defense systems with updated technologies, leading-from-the-front. Provides full protection to your server against viruses and malware (malicious programs).

Available with Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD™) Technology – RPD identifies doubtful patterns to protect your messages so that patterns get disabled not to copy the original message.

RPD separates relevant patterns, which are identified after analysis. The software differentiates between genuine bulk emails and not-genuine bulk emails. It is fully effective in all message formats and encoding kinds.

Zero Hour Virus Outbreak Protection – Provides real time protection with anti virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing technology.

Email infrastructure protected automatically, with-in minutes of a virus out-break.

Zero-hour detection as analysis is faster than routine solutions to get new virus information.

Inline Antivirus Scanning – Messages scanned inline for every SMTP session, holding malicious software at the email network gate.

Holds the corrupted messages with risky attachments before time.

Automatic Updates – Automatic downloading and installing of updates, saving valuable time of the administration.

Urgent Update Notification – Additional anti-virus definitions beyond routine, preset definitions.

Provision to select “Notified” when there is a high-risk virus attack, to be followed up by automatic updating by updated virus definitions.

Investment Protection – Software purchase is supported by free upgrading to the latest product versions and virus definitions during the

Vast Control Range – Detects virus in affected attachments, both – text and HTML messages.

Option range to clean the affected attachment, not straightway message blocking; there is choice to clean, quarantine or delete the attachment or you can choose the Content Filter to take care of the affected attachment.

Restricts particular domains and addresses from scanning.

Virus Information – software equips email server to search for the virus list.

Links provided to get additional virus information from websites to keep you ahead and fully informed about up-to-date anti-virus technologies.

Virus Warnings – Information about virus detection is sent to the sender, receiver and the postmaster.

Log Files – Administrative log keeps a record of the category, time and location of the discovered virus.

Maximum protection utilizing industry-leading anti-virus engines Safe, external worm and virus scanning and quarantine management Sophisticated security to complement your current on-premise solution. Up-to-the-minute defense against the latest threats with virus definition updates every five minutes Multiple levels of virus protection, depending on your needs

While email has revolutionized business communications, it is also used to transport devastating computer viruses and worms. SoBig.F infected half a million computers worldwide, with damage ranging from $500 million to more than $1 billion in lost productivity, hours wasted and last sales. Add Anti Virus and Worm Scanning to your email defense services to centrally fortify your network against email threats.

Let Cyberspace Shoulder your Burden for virus-free email messaging!

For a listing of current viruses, visit www.VirusList.com