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Email Defence Management

Cyberspace offers its customers a multi-featured, an all-inclusive email filtering solution, leaving no chance for spam, virus, malicious content, risk in opening attachments and email attacks. Your inbox remains safe and secure with our email defense management. You can depend on Cyberspace as –


All incoming and outgoing email is filtered in the best possible way to reach in your domain and outbound.

No need to purchase license for each email address secured! Our email defense management protects a good number of addresses and aliases at your domains.

Hardly any time taken to set up, no matter even if domains with thousand of users!

Features of Cyberspace Email Defense Management

Fast delivery of email

Leveraging by balancing excessive load of server architecture

Control Console

Regular reporting on the quarantined messages due to spam, virus and content filtering

Recipient Shield to add recipients to the Deny List (Deny list includes such email addresses that deny, reject, discard or bounce back your messages)

Features of Control Console

Control Console is easy to use interface to provide email defense from all sorts of email threats.

Provides browser support for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Policy-driven to handle virus, spam, undesired attachments, content, HTML in messages to be sent to the recipients on your network.

It cuts down work load of your IT team as the responsibility is decided on who will manage the quarantine process for spam and undesired emails, your end users or your IT workforce or both.

It creates tailor-fit message rules lists such as “Allow”, “Deny” and “Exempt Users” lists for message senders, users and recipients.

Uniform email policy for the whole organization whether for single office location or multiple office location.

Corporate responsibility minimized as no risk involved in permitting emails into your network.