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Cyberspace customers can manage their domains themselves online. Domain management includes checking of domain status, changing domain details and renewal of domain name. You can follow-up on your domain’s license expiry date for renewal and transfer of your domain.

In case you have not registered the domain with Cyberspace but taken a hosting package only, even then we can manage your domain although it is not always possible as it depends on the specific domain. You also need to transfer the domain to our registrar to let Cyberspace manage your domain.

Check Availability for new domain registration

To manage your new domain online, you need to enter the domain name that you want to register in the Domain search to check whether it can be registered or not. Already registeres domain can’t be register again

Bulk Registration

Cyberspace provide the facility of bulk registration also. One can register at the maximum 10 domain names’ in a single “Go”.

Domain Renewal

Online domain renewal is very easy at Cyberspace. You are served a notice of domain expiry 60 days before the actual expiry date. There is a grace period of 5 days. You can redeem the domain by paying normal renewal fee. During this time period, you can’t avail hosting and email services.

In case you don’t renew your domain name in the grace period, there is a provision to redeem the domain name within the next 30 days by paying redemption fee + normal renewal fee. If you don’t redeem the domain name in the redemption period,
your domain name gets deleted in the next 5 days.

Note – All domains purchased by the third party cannot be redeemed due to the very reason that they were purchased by the third party. After the passing of redemption period, another party can register it.

Domain Transfer

Domain Transfer is process of transferring the domain management from one registrar to another ragistrar.As a registrar is only responsible for the management of your domain records, this transfer should not affect website, relevant email or DNS.

In order to process the transfer of domain, one needs to have domain already under ownership and a registrar that one want to transfer that domain to.The process of a domain transfer is a fairly simple procedure, it is important to understand the workings such a domain registration transfer so that things don’t get more complicated.

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Registrant Rights and Responsibilities

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has created a document outlining the relationship between ICANN and a domain Registrar, as well as the rights and responsibilities that registrants have with their Registrar when they have a domain name registered through them. The entire document can be found here.